About Us

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I'm Josje van Engelen - Konings and I live with my husband and dogs in Tilburg, a town in the south of the Netherlands. We both grew up in a family where dogs were central, so our love for dogs arise in a early stage.

In 1992 our first French Bulldog entered our home. A few years later we decided to apply for a kennel name 'De La Maison Des Anges'. A couple of years later we also lost our hearts to another wonderful breed, the Griffon Belge / Bruxellois.

Occasionally we have puppies, who wonderfully grow up with the other dogs in our house. Of course we strive to breed good, healthy and beautiful dogs. We are club breeders and members of the HBC (Hollandse Bulldoggen Club) and work according to the code of ethics guidelines. So all puppies are sold with a contract (guarantee) of the club.

Of course the puppies have an official pedigree, registrated with the Kennel Club NL. When the puppies leave our home they are dewormed and vaccinated. And sice the puppies are raised in our home, they get alot of attention, cuddles and are well socialized.

If you are a serious lover of this wonderful breed and want some information or you have a question, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website.